About Queens Premium

Farhana, the founder of Queens Premium started the company in her kitchen after getting sick from using store-bought cooked onions in her butter chicken recipe. Passionate about cooking and a hard worker. She worked two jobs to support her family and made it a priority to make sure her kids received healthy and home-cooked meals. Farhana noticed a lot of her South Asian cooking uses sauteed cooked onions in large quantities. Many hours are spent cutting kilograms of fresh onions, cooking them, and then finally adding it to the recipe.

She wanted to cut down her time on cooking so she could spend more time with her kids. Farhana used store-bought cooked onions in her butter chicken recipe however it turned out to be a disaster as it tasted horrible. The fried onions were filled with preservatives, unhealthy fillers and low-quality oil. 

Getting sick and frustrated with not having better options, innovation was the next step. Farhana partnered with a local certified manufacturer and created her own version of crispy onions that were gluten free, cooked in healthy sunflower oil and had no artifical flavors or colors. She sold it to local independent retailers targeted to busy women and mothers. It was successfull from day one as consumers connected with the brand message. After getting in more stores and supplying to restaurant customers. She opened up her own factory and focused full time on the business with her two sons. 

The journey to grow the business has been far from easy. However, Farhana has never been a quitter. Creating clean label and healthy products for her customers was her priority.  She wanted to prove to her kids and herself that she can be successful. 

Our Mission

To make life easier for you! We get life can be hectic so our main focus is creating food products that you can use to prepare recipes or use as a healthy topping. Queen's Premium everyday focus is to produce the best ready to serve garnishes, condiments and cooking ingredients. All our products are natural, have no added preservatives and are allergen free.  We ethically source our ingredients while keeping taste and nutrition at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Vision

To provide clean label and healthy food products in any category that are healthy, nutritious and delicious.