Why Queen's Premium Crispy Onions?  
  • No Flour Coating Added. Flour is used as a filler in other crispy onion products and has little to no nutritional value. It's high in carbohydrates and calories. 
  • Just Fresh Onions and Sunflower Oil.
  • 100% Natural 
  • Cooked in Cholesterol Free Sunflower Oil
  • Saves Time While Cooking 
  • Crispy & Crunchy with Great Taste & Aroma
  • No Salt & Preservatives Added

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How is our product manufactured?

We do not coat our onion with, wheat flour or any other type of coating. Coating gives a floury and unpleasant chewy taste while retaining more oil. Higher oil content gives rancid unpleasant flavor.

To retain its natural crispiness, we use mechanized controlled low pace cooling process for Queens Crispy Onions before we send it off for packaging. 

We use high quality refined and deodorized sunflower oil for cooking. Refined and deodorized sunflower oil does not affect the onion taste. Whereas palm oil and soybean oil are cheaper but they destroy the onion flavor.


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