How COVID-19 Has Affected Us

Author: Mohammed Shaikh | | Categories: Coated Onions , Crispy Onions , Fried Onions

Blog by Queens Premium

Since the onset of the pandemic, there were many changes that people had to follow if they wanted to stay safe. As social beings, many of the tasks people enjoyed, meeting at restaurants or traveling, were now off-limits till the pandemic got better. There were other changes they had to get through, as well, but the most significant one revolved around the inability to meet people.

Governments across the world imposed restrictions on travel while also passing rules and imposing national lockdowns. People were not allowed to leave their homes and could only travel from one place to another if they considered working on essential services, like if they needed groceries or medication.

As meeting people was barely an option, everyone stayed away from social events and gatherings for the most part. Additionally, people had to wear masks and maintain social distance to prevent the virus from spreading. There were rules about eating outdoors as there were a large number of people getting sick. Furthermore, as they lifted restrictions, there added some more on the number of people gathering and meeting at restaurants. Another challenge about meeting and eating outdoors was that people had to take their masks off, which was not the safest thing. 

We decided to assist the many people who were too busy to cook for themselves or those who wanted to make an easy meal for themselves at home. There were challenges regarding the preservation and the transportation of food, but we worked around them for our clients.

We just kept growing a lot more efficient when it came to the food we created, and then we started moving to different options. There were challenges with people eating out, but if they ordered food to their house, they could reheat it, and it would be safe, so there was nothing to worry about.

We are seeing changes in the process of sending food over if we try to gaze into the future. We believe many more people will begin shifting to purchasing our product on online platforms like Amazon or our website with time. There are days when people do not want to cook and are looking for the opportunity to eat food made by someone else, and we are giving them those opportunities.

 While we thought that the business would not do very well as we were amid a pandemic, we were as surprised as anyone else when we saw our sales increase during the start of COVID-19. Ever since then, it has been phenomenal, with sales only increasing.

When it comes to the work that we handle, we have not been pushing for any significant changes. We are trying to work on smaller tasks mandated by the law while staying true to everything else that we were previously working on. Unfortunately, we are now working longer than we did in the past, mainly because of a sudden spike in demand, in the last couple of months. Whether it’s fulfilling orders or delivering them, we always have our hands tied but are very happy about it.

We are currently working remotely at our office space, and we do not meet a lot of people or clients there either. As we do not have many people coming to the office anyway, we do not worry about the rules and restrictions as they barely affect us.

We have all the stuff that we handle sent to their houses over anything else. Many people mentioned that remote working significantly decreased their productivity as individuals or as a part of a company, we have to disagree. We are as productive as we would be in the office and just as busy as well. When we are not working from home, we have to go to our central warehouse where there is a lot to coordinate. When we are heading there, we make sure there are sanitizers and masks in every room, so everyone is safe and kept as safe as possible.

We prefer to communicate over phone or email, and unlike most other jobs, the communication is only to tell us a list of requirements and maybe a few changes to some of the orders we are handling. We do not need any software for that and are comfortable using email and regular phone calls. While there is no need for a Zoom or Skype call, we are open to it, to catch up with some of our clients, if we have not spoken to them for a while.

Furthermore, we talk to them about their purchase and explain anything that they might need about it. Additionally, we make sure that we write down everything told to us on the phone so we have it in one place, however, depending on the situation we are open for in-person meetings. These meetings are usually clients telling us that they would like to come over to collect their order. We also like the idea of taking part in virtual public events and business expos if needed.

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