How This New Food Trend Could Benefit You

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Delicious fried onions are a staple food and are commonly used to prepare and garnish many south ethnic-based dishes. However, many household brands in the market are using low quality fried onions.

As a result, consumers are straying away from these traditional fried onions, which are heavily processed, and contain wheat, flour, and salt. The current trend, especially in the European and North American markets, is for healthier options.

Consequently, customers want their fried onions to be gluten-free, organic, vegan, and, most importantly, not mixed with any preservatives. Consumers also want to experiment with new flavors, which has created a formidable demand for healthier and tastier alternatives.

So, after conducting meticulous research and development, our incredible team at Queens Premium has come up with a mouth-watering recipe that fulfills the customers' needs. Based on our expertise in manufacturing quality condiments over the years, we are confident of helping you with your fried onion cravings.

Our fresh non-coated fried onions contain no gluten, are organic, a hundred percent veg, and save you time while cooking. Besides, our non-coated fried onions are crispy, crunchy, and have a great taste and aroma to satiate the taste buds.

The ingredients consist of just fresh raw onions and sunflower oil, and there is no flour or starch added. Our offerings also contain real NON-GMO onions, which get fried in cholesterol-free sunflower oil, and no salt or preservatives are added, making them a hundred percent natural.

We ship our premium, ready to use crispy fried onions all over the world. So, if you are looking to try a fabulous new healthy and tasty snack, order our appetizing product today.

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