Health Benefits of Onions

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Onions are known for flavoring those delicious, savory dishes and making the toughest chefs shed a tear, but did you know that they were also nutritious? It's true! These flavorful bulbs contain a ton of nutrients that are essential for our overall well-being. Even though they're not super colorful like other vegetables that often steal the spotlight, they actual deliver a lot of nutrition. Plus, there are so many ways to enjoy onions as part of your diet—whether you're adding them to a salad, using them as the base for a soup or stir-frying them with a yummy sauce. Here's more about onion nutrition and why they're so good for you.

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Article Written By:  Andrea Mathis, M.A., R.D.N., L.D.

Original Article Posted on:  November 09, 2020

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